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ARTIST | Alison Van Pelt

Alison Van Pelt begins this work with a perfectly painted, photo-realistic nude, then layers a scrim of linear marks over its surface to obscure the image beneath. The figure bends to the side, a pose that accentuates the soft curves of the torso. Even in motion, she is calm, relaxed, settled. But blurred by paint, the image also becomes an abstraction, as much about shape, light and contrast as it is about subject matter.



Unwinding is an act of disengaging. It can mean to free, to loosen, to undo. It can mean unfolding or untwisting. I see this subject unwinding, releasing, and softening, like the image itself is softened. The painted image is broken down to echo the subject letting go… as the image dissolves, it transitions to a gossamer, ethereal illusion. An imaginary state with an intangible presence.

PHOTO CREDIT: @shadedeggesphotography 

Shown in 33"W x 42"H


The General Public Synograph™, a groundbreaking 3-D technology, redefines the limits of printing, recreating every detail of the original artwork with total fidelity. Capturing the nuances of brushwork and technique, these textured prints are an authentic expression of the artist's hand.  


Art Proof - try before you buy. Hang this watermarked paper print (exact color and dimensions of our Synographs and Reductive prints) where you want your final artwork placed to confirm it’s right for your space. Each Art Proof comes with a credit of the purchased amount toward your purchase of a Synograph. 


Synograph on panel is mounted to a high quality wood, presenting the work as unframed yet still meticulously finished.