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ARTIST | Sarah Bird

Trained in 19th-century oil painting technique, Sarah Bird creates classical still lifes using natural objects arranged in intimate, contemplative altars. She views still life as a poetic genre, a more self-determined form of landscape painting. Born in Massachusetts, she studied at Brown University and spent four years honing her craft at Grand Central Atelier, New York. Bird now lives and works near Sun Valley, Idaho, where inspiration from the natural world surrounds. Her work is shown and collected throughout the United States.



This piece is offered in a Heirloom-quality frame is custom crafted by skilled artisans in a multistep process defined by expert handwork, from milling and carving to gilding, burnishing and antiquing. 

PHOTO CREDIT: @shadedeggesphotography

Shown in 16"W x 20"H


The General Public Synograph™, a groundbreaking 3-D technology, redefines the limits of printing, recreating every detail of the original artwork with total fidelity. Capturing the nuances of brushwork and technique, these textured prints are an authentic expression of the artist's hand.  


Art Proof - try before you buy. Hang this watermarked paper print (exact color and dimensions of our Synographs and Reductive prints) where you want your final artwork placed to confirm it’s right for your space. Each Art Proof comes with a credit of the purchased amount toward your purchase of a Synograph. 


An heirloom-quality frame is custom crafted by skilled artisans, from milling and carving to gilding, burnishing and antiquing.