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ARTIST | Alison Van Pelt

Alison Van Pelt began this work with a perfectly painted, photo-realistic nude, then layered a scrim of linear marks over its surface to obscure the image beneath. The figure’s pose is free and open, a physical stance that mirrors a psychological state – open to infinite possibilities. The blurred paint represents a breakdown of barriers and constriction, the disintegration of the ties that bind us.



In Latin, an Auspex is a diviner of birds. This is a person who observes the flight of birds to predict things about the future. It is a very old word that refers to someone who divines an auspice, which in Latin is a prophetic token or favorable sign. The woman in the painting is standing in stillness, the viewer behind her. We watch her as she watches for a divine omen of invisible forces.

Alison Van Pelt

PHOTO CREDIT: @shadedeggesphotography 

Shown in 24"W x 30"H


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Synograph on panel is mounted to a high quality wood, presenting the work as unframed yet still meticulously finished.